News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI Upgrades

Last week at FindBiometrics Behavioral Biometrics Month came to a close with an expert webinar on our April featured topic. Meanwhile, the industry news covered a diverse selection of topics, from biometric virtual reality interfaces and AI innovations, to multimodal mobile devices and liveness detection standards.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Behavioral Biometrics Month Comes to a Close

News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesApril was Behavioral Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics during which we spent weeks delving deep into the mainstreaming modality taking the financial vertical by storm. Last week we hosted the webinar, Continuous Identity: Why Behavioral Biometrics Are Going Mainstream, and published a roundup of the month’s top behavioral news and featured articles.

Our modality of the month made industry headlines too, with BioCatch weighing in on the ROI of behavioral biometrics, and a new partnership between BehavioSec and Appdome aimed at mobile authentication.

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Roundup

Behavioral Biometrics Offers Considerable ROI: BioCatch

Appdome and BehavioSec Team Up on Sophisticated Mobile Authentication

Connected Innovations

News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesNews took an exciting and futuristic turn last week as we reported on Samsung’s experimental FaceSense technology which has the potential to turn facial recognition into a virtual reality user interface tool. Sensory, Inc, meanwhile, announced the latest upgrade to its TrulyHandsFree speech recognition platform, which now boasts improved artificial intelligence. University researchers revealed a new theoretical biometric modality based on photonic perception, too. And Goode Intelligence released the latest numbers on the mobile and wearable biometrics markets.

Mobile and Wearable Biometrics Markets To Exceed $6.2 Billion by 2022: Goode Intelligence

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree 5.0 Boasts Upgraded AI

FaceSense Turns Facial Recognition into VR User Interface

Researchers Say Perception of Light Can Be Used for Authentication


News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesHSBC launched a voice recognition solution for customers last week, serving four languages with the contactless biometric technology. SpeechPro, meanwhile, was at Finovate Spring showing off its VoiceKey platform, and new reports gave insight into why Samsung Pay doesn’t currently offer a facial recognition option for transaction authentication. Check out last week’s top FinTech stories:

Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Not Ready For Payments: Report

HSBC Launches Voice ID Biometric Authentication System for US Customers

SpeechPro Shows Off Voice Biometrics Tech at Finovate Spring 2017


News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesPrecise Biometrics announced a new licensing agreement with MELFAS last week. Integrated Biometrics, meanwhile, unveiled a new and compact 10-print scanner. Companies were previewing their Connect:ID presence too, with SecuGen and BIO-key each announcing their expo schedules.

Integrated Biometrics Announces Pocket-Sized 10-Fingerprint Scanner

BIO-key Announces Substantial Connect:ID Presence, Here Are The Highlights

Precise Biometrics Licenses Software to Korea-Based MELFAS

SecuGen Offers Another Early Look at FAP 45 Reader at Connect:ID

Liveness Detection

News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesLiveness detection is becoming increasingly important in biometrics at large. Last week Goodix was won an Edison Award for its fingerprint solution that features built-in anti-spoofing tech, and we received insight into the aftereffects of Precise Biometrics’ recent acquisition of liveness specialist NexID, which it is now referring to as its ‘US operations’. Standardization efforts in this area made the news too, with an executive from Novetta having been chosen to lead the development of an ISO/IEC presentation attack detection standard.

SecuGen, Precise Biometrics to Show Off Liveness Detection Tech

Goodix Wins Edison Award for Live Finger Detection Solution

Novetta VP to Help Lead Development of ISO/IEC Anti-Spoofing Standard


News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesSafran Identity & Security will be providing MorphoTablets for upcoming elections in Kenya, we reported last week. Meanwhile in India, the use of biometric attendance tracking for government employees continued to spread. Stateside, we also learned how voice biometrics can help the US Coast Guard address a prank call problem.

Safran Identity & Security to Provide Biometric Tech for Kenya Elections

Coast Guard Looks to Voice Biometrics to Thwart Hoax Mayday Calls

Chief Minister Expands Biometric Attendance Tracking in Uttar Pradesh

Contactless Modalities

News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesContactless modalities were in the news, with  EyeLock announcing another iris recognition patent. FST Biometrics was celebrating its recently won awards from April’s ISC West conference, and FotoNation announced its demonstration schedule for this week’s Embedded Vision Summit, which starts today in Santa Clara, California.

FotoNation to Demo Tech at Embedded Vision Summit

New EyeLock Patent Further Refines Iris Imaging

FST Biometrics Celebrates ISC West Wins

Service Model Identity

News Roundup: Biometric VR Interfaces and AI UpgradesThe service model is becoming increasingly popular in software and IT, and biometrics are part of this trend. Last week Aware, Inc. announced its latest Software as a Service offering—Indigo|Onboard. Jumio released a fiscal update, in the meantime, revealing that its Trusted Identity as a Service product, Netverify, has been subject to considerable growth in adoption.

Aware Announces First in New ‘Indigo’ Line of SaaS Services

Jumio Reports Considerable Growth in Adoption of Netverify TIaaS

Fiscal Updates

Finally, Aware, Inc. announced its Q1 2017 results last week, and more fiscal updates are heading our way over the next little while, with FPC scheduled to release its Q1 numbers this week.

Aware Inc. Q1 Results Meet Company’s Expectations

FPC to Present Interim Q1 Report Next Week


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