Biometric Student Attendance Management System exhibits at Student Records Officers Conference (SROC) at University of Lincoln

London, UK, 10 April 2013: BQu TMS will be showcasing their Student Attendance Management System (SAMS) used for measuring student engagement, which has created tremendous interest since its recent launch to the Higher Education sector. The system has been designed specifically to support Higher Education institutions to comply with Home Office requirements for Tier 4 licence compliance, managing and evidencing their student’s attendance and engagement. The system delivers fast and reliable information on a cost effective basis, offering outstanding value for money.

BQu TMS exhibit at Student Records Officers Conference (SROC) showcasing their biometric Student Attendance Management System (SAMS), designed for Higher Educational organisations to comply with Home Office requirements for maintaining Tier 4 licence status for overseas students.

The recently launched biometric Student Attendance Management System (SAMS), used for monitoring Student Engagement, has created enormous interest from Universities around the world. BQuSAMS will be exhibiting at SROC on April 15th to 17th enabling key system administrators to experience at first-hand how the system works and the benefits it delivers to users.

Higher Educational Institutions that are unable to provide acceptable evidence of student engagement and attendance are at serious risk of losing their Tier 4 licence, which enables them to sponsor overseas students (from outside of EU) to come to the UK to study.

Universities are working hard to establish effective systems to monitor and measure the engagement and attendance of their students. There are different approaches to solving the issue, some of which are tremendously labour intensive and time consuming. For example, at one leading UK University, two administrators have to attend each lecture to supervise and observe the ‘signing-in’ process, in an effort to reduce the volume of fraudulent registrations. They then take the Sign In forms and have to manually transfer the attendance data onto spreadsheets. Then the data has to be analysed to identify students who have missed an event, followed by further analysis of the student’s previous attendance history to ascertain the context of the absence. This is all before they are able to do any work that adds value, such as contacting the absent student and creating an audit trail of their actions and contacts.

Imagine the hundreds of hours of non-value added time that are spent in this way with a student population numbering more than 25,000! The costs in wasted staff time alone are simply enormous and in the ‘age of austerity’, highly surprising.

Solutions involving sign in sheets, registers and swipe card systems are all open to abuse, error and as described, take up far too much time of staff and students. A system based on biometrics, where the data can be gathered quickly, efficiently and easily, and also provides unequivocal evidence of a student’s attendance provides an effective solution.

BQuSAMS delivers a full solution for a system which enables HE institutions to monitor, manage and record all required student attendance information, without the need for capital, hardware or infrastructure expenditure. It makes the most of existing resources, so it is environmentally friendly as well.

The system uses finger print scanners for students to register for a contact event and a central control dashboard provides instant information on any late or missing students. This enables administrators to prioritise and focus their time where it is needed, to take action accordingly. High, Medium and Low Risk categories aid the ability of the responsible staff to ensure they are in control and to provide reports and evidence to the regulator at any time, should they need to.

BQuSAMS is one of the best and most cost effective biometric cloud-based solutions available to the UK University sector to help in maintaining their Tier 4 licence. Further details are available at

Contact: Ian Pack, BQu, +447730797094