Biometric Software Month Week Three: 5 Biometric Softwares You Can Try For Yourself

As we explored last week as part of Biometric Software Month, there is a potential for biometrics all around us and especially in our smartphones. The right software solution can transform a front facing camera from a selfie-taking toy to a biometric authentication tool.

In The Biometric Upgrade we explored the broad ideas and applications that these software solutions present, as well as the philosophy behind them. This week it’s time to take a look at five examples of biometric software you can try for yourself.

1. EyeVerify

Contactless, quick and secure, the biometric solution from Kansas City startup EyeVerify has been making big splashes in the world of strong authentication. The technology uses the front facing camera to capture the vein pattern on the side of the user’s eye.

Recently, EyeVerify was selected at a post-password authentication method for the Australian banking app: NetTeller Mobile Money. EyeVerify is scheduled for wide release this year, but those who want a chance to give Eyeprints a try can download the biometric data tool on iPhone or Android through EyeVerify’s website.


It’s been said many times throughout Biometric Software Month, but it bears repeating: voice biometrics simply make sense on smartphones. Contactless and frictionless, there is no need to activate anything using the touchscreen, and even the simple act of aligning a camera is unnecessary.

AGNITiO’s voice biometrics application, KIVOX, offers all of that. General account security and mCommerce options are offered here, with the software matching user voiceprints for authentication in some of the most in-demand consumer facing areas of interest.

Currently demonstration versions of KIVOX are available by contacting a representative through AGNITiO’s website.

3. Ice Unlock

Saving up for a fancy flagship smartphone with a fingerprint sensor? Why suffer the daily inconveniences of passwords and PINs in the interim? Diamond Fortress Technologies has a software application that can transform your phone’s rear facing camera into a fingerprint sensor.

Ice Unlock is powered by Diamond Fortress’ Onyx technology. It is contactless, requiring a user to place two fingers in front of the camera, aligning her index to fit in an on screen ellipse. Ice Unlock is available for download through Google Play.

4. Biometric Videogames With Extreme Motion Control

Biometrics aren’t just about authentication, sometimes they can be about interfacing, and sometimes user interfacing can be fun! Extreme Reality has demonstrated this with its Extreme Motion SDK: a full body motion capture software that notably is used in mobile gaming.

A number of videogames that use Extreme Motion are available for download, including Go Dance, a game from SEGA that captures a player’s movement in real time, allowing them to get a high score while quenching their thirst for dance. A comprehensive list of these biometric games can be found on the Extreme Reality website.

5. Ergo

There are potential sensors outside of the realm of cameras and microphones. Ergo, for instance uses the touch screen to measure biometrics, specifically the user’s ear. Ergo is slated to be fully integrated into the upcoming Siam Smartphone – a dual screen mobile device – but the software from Descartes Biometrics is already available for download on Google Play.


These are just a few options you have if you would like to experience the transformative power of biometrics in the palm of your hand right now. If you have other suggestions of biometrics apps that can be tried out, please share them with us on Twitter by using the hashtag #fBSoftwareMonth

May 21, 2014 by Peter B. Counter