Biometric Software Month – Week 4: The Roundup

It is the last week in May, which can only mean one thing here at findBIOMETRICS: it is time to say goodbye to Biometric Software Month.

Here is a look back on all of the content that helped us explore the exciting world of software solutions.

How to Talk About Biometric Software

Before heading into a topic as diverse as biometric software, it is critically important that we have a foundation in what this means and how it is currently being talked about in the industry. In week one, we took a look at the versatility that biometric software can offer in deployment, the different applications for it, each kind of recognition that can be installed and a collection of interviews with industry experts.

Biometric Software Month – Week 1: The Primer

The Biometric Potential

Possibly the most exciting thing about biometric software is that it highlights the already existing potential for identity management in modern infrastructure. Our features in weeks two and three of Biometric Software Month explored the philosophy behind this from an end user perspective and then offered up five options for giving your own smartphone the biometric upgrade.

Biometric Software Month – Week 2: The Biometric Upgrade

Biometric Software Month – Week 3: Five Biometric Softwares You Can Try For Yourself 

Software in the Media

In the findBIOMETRICS blog, Pop Cultural Identity Management, we had a chance to explore the role that biometric software plays in movies and on television. Two recent examples were examined this month, each offering something new.

First taking a look at NBC’s critically acclaimed drama Hannibal, we found an example of how biometric software could have caught a serial killer in episode one. Then, looking at a lighter topic of conversation, we turned the discussion to a rare instance in which biometric software is accurately depicted in film: Spike Jonze’s Oscar nominated Her.

Pop Cultural Identity Management: NBC’s Hannibal

Pop Cultural Identity Management: Her

Business As Usual

With a topic this big and relevant, it should be no surprise that a wide variety of May’s industry news was centered around biometric software. From algorithm upgrades, to a new modality, to liveness detection and more: we reported on quite a bit of biometric software news this month.

Here are some of the highlights:

Cognitec Upgrades VaceVACs VideoScan Biometric Video Screening Technology

New Biometric Software Bringing Ear Recognition To Smartphones

Nuance Brings Voice Biometric Protection to Phone Banking in Mexico

EnterTech Systems and Paxton Launch BioConnect for Net2

NexID Brings Biometric Liveness Detection to Android Devices


And with that, Biometric Software Month comes to a close. Did you have a favorite feature or news item from our month-long examination? Be sure to let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #fBSoftwareMonth.

May 28, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter