Biometric Software Month – Week 1: The Primer

May is Biometric Software Month at findBIOMETRICS and to kick things off we are going to take you through a crash course on the topic.

Biometric Software can come in a number of forms: identity management software that eases the administrative process, software development kits that can turn basic hardware into biometric sensors, even software based upgrades to sensors that can help protect against spoofing attempts.

Let’s take a look at the rich topics of discussion this area of biometrics holds.

The Freedom of Mobility

Biometric software is not confined to mobile devices, but thanks to housing cameras, motion sensors and microphones they are a perfect example of how a downloadable solution can transform an ordinary PIN protected gadget into a strong authentication powerhouse.

The following links each give an example of biometric software on a mobile device enabling a different biometric authentication factor:

Voice – Anti-Spoofing is a Key Feature in AGNITiO’s New KIVOX 4.1

Eyeprint – VIDEO: Toby Rush Demonstrates EyeVerify on a Smartphone

Face – Morpho Presents 3DBioSecure mCommerce Face Recogntion Solution

Fingerprint – Diamond Fortress Technology Introduces Contactless Fingerprint Biometric SDK


A special application that is emerging in biometric software, particularly in regards to facial recognition, is targeted advertising. With the application of biometric software and a simple camera, companies can understand their demographics better while digital signage can change on the fly to appeal more to passersby.

NIST Praises Cognitec Face Recognition Algorithm

Mobile Money Set To Change Marketing

A Helping Hand

There are software solutions that can help manage biometric templates, strengthen matching algorithms and even bolster liveness detection.

The following links illustrate how software can lend a helping hand in deployments

NexID Biometrics Wins Grants, Further Commits to Liveness Detection

Breaking Adoption Barriers: EnterTech Systems Launches BioConnect 2.5

What We Talk About When We Talk About Biometric Software

Nothing can better demonstrate how ripe a topic is for discussion than actual conversations. The following interviews are with CEOs and researchers on the topic of biometric software.

Aware Introduces The New Nexa Family of Biometric SDKs – Interview With David Benini, VP Marketing, Aware, Inc.

Interview With Alexey Khitrov, President, Speechpro

Peter O’Neill of findBIOMETRICS interviews Toby Rush, CEO, EyeVerify

Fulfilling The Mobile Promise – Interview With Brett Beranek, Solutions Marketing Manager, Enterprise Division at Nuance Communications


Stay posted to findBIOMETRICS all through May as we take a closer look at biometric software, with feature articles posted every Wednesday and on-them blog posts every Friday. Don’t forget to keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter and tweeting using the hashtag #fBSoftwareMonth.

May 7, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter