Biometric Software From SpeechPro Used To Reveal Identity of Real Life Riddler

Biometric software reveals secret identityIt sounds like the exact opposite of a problem: an anonymous person using the alias Mr. Hidden Cash has been leaving packets of money around California cities. A self-described “anonymous social experience for good,” Mr. Hidden Cash hides money, then posts clues to his over 600,000 follower Twitter account, starting what is essentially a modern day race for buried treasure.

Despite having been interviewed by a news crew that caught him making good on his alias and hiding cash, the Twitter shadow benefactor’s identity remained a secret until now. Inside Edition, having taken it upon itself to expose the identity of Mr. Hidden Cash, has revealed that the money-hiding maniac is Jason Buzi, a San Francisco real estate broker.

Behind the discovery was voice biometric software from SpeechPro. Kent Gibson, owner of Forensic Audio in Los Angeles, used SpeechPro’s SIS II Voice ID module to match the interview sample with audio from a podcast that Buzi was featured on.

Gibson praises the biometric solution, saying: “SpeechPro comes to the rescue for most of my forensic audio needs. The voice recognition module is unsurpassed in ease of operation and proven reliability, as shown in the results of a NIST 2014 competition.”

Underneath this novel story, about a man who anonymously left cash in public for the purposes of positive social experiences only to eventually exposed by the media, there is a demonstration of the power in biometric forensics software. In law enforcement this kind of voice matching technique is used to identify and apprehend criminal suspects.

“Kent Gibson is one of many advanced audio forensics experts using SpeechPro products to clean, analyze and confirm the identity of persons of interest,” says Steve Eccher, business development manager for SpeechPro.

SpeechPro’s offerings extend beyond the law enforcement vertical. Recently the company announced that its VoiceKey platform is available on the Avaya DevConnect MarketPlace. Customers looking for biometrics that can bolster their call center, interactive voice response (IVR) or mobile applications can now find SpeechPro’s solution through Avaya’s web-portal.

June 23, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter