New Contender May Indicate Growth in Biometric Retail Marketing

New Contender May Indicate Growth in Biometric Retail Marketing

Another new biometric signage solution for retail suggests that this technology could become a significant new trend in stores.

The solution in this case is the product of a collaboration between customer engagement solutions provider Beabloo and KIOSK Information Systems, which have developed a new digital signage kiosk that features an embedded camera for facial recognition. This is designed to scan a shopper’s face as they look at the display, applying facial biometrics technology to estimate demographic information such as gender. The system also assesses how long the shopper looks at the sign and other metrics that are then used to deliver tailored marketing content to the subject.

The customer, meanwhile, can scan QR codes displayed on the kiosk to get more product information or even special offers.

It isn’t an entirely new concept. Facial recognition specialist NEC has also been tailoring its technology to similar retail marketing solutions for a few years now. But the emergence of another player in this market may indicate a growing appetite for these kinds of solutions in the retail sector.

Beabloo and KIOSK will showcase their solution at next week’s NRF trade show in New York City, which will run from January 13th to 15th.

January 11, 2019 – by Alex Perala