‘Tremendous Demand’ for Biometric Security in Data Center Colocation

There is growing demand for biometric security in the data center colocation market—if DataBank’s experience offers any indication. In a new interview on BioConnect’s blog, the company’s Marketing Manager, Jessica Gagner, and DataBank’s Director of Data Center Operations, Kelly Lane, discuss the technology’s growing importance in the field.

Tremendous Demand for Biometric Security in Data Center Colocation

Lane asserts that biometric technology plays a “tremendous” role in DataBank’s data centers; the company uses “whatever the best technology currently available is,” and 2FA using biometrics is it, he says. And it’s not merely a precaution—it’s something that DataBank’s customers actively request. “We’re seeing tremendous demand,” Lane says, adding, “Biometrics have finally hit that point where it’s not that expensive to put something in, so everybody wants them.”

Given that DataBank serves clients in “healthcare, entertainment, accounting firms, government agencies, gaming,” and more, that represents pretty widespread demand And given that Digital Bridge just bought DataBank, it seems the latter’s approach to security can be appreciated as that of a growing and ambitious company in its field.

DataBank’s use of BioConnect technology in particular may also be a factor, of course. Lane praises the platform’s ease of use and scalability, and BioConnect’s support services. BioConnect also recently won another client in data center colocation—London’s Netwise Hosting Ltd.—so it appears that as this market’s appetite for biometric security continues to intensify, BioConnect will likely see more such business opportunities to come.

Source: BioConnect Blog

August 8th, 2016 – by Alex Perala