Facial Biometric Screening Coming to Iceland Airport

Germany-based Secunet has won a contract to deploy its biometric eGates in Iceland’s Keflavik airport, the company has announced.

Facial Biometric Screening Coming to Iceland AirportThe aim is to improve efficiency in traveler processing, with Keflavik being a popular stopover for flights between North America and Europe. Secunet’s eGates will automatically scan passengers’ electronic passports, comparing the embedded biometric data against live scans of the passengers’ faces using facial recognition technology.

The contract will initially see 12 eGates installed in the airport, possibly as early as this summer. Secunet will also provide maintenance and, potentially, expansion efforts for the system for the next three years.

The project reflects a broader, global trend, with airport and government authorities around the world increasingly interested in automated border control solutions for airports and other travel checkpoints.

March 20, 2017 – by Alex Perala