Biometric Pill Dispenser Could Curb Substance Abuse

MAP Health Management has teamed up with Intent Solutions to bring the latter’s biometric medication dispenser into the former’s substance abuse solutions portfolio.

Biometric Pill Dispenser Could Curb Substance AbuseThe device is called the TAD (for “Take As Directed“), and is designed to only dispense a given pill after a biometric scan from a registered user, using a built-in fingerprint sensor. It also goes a step further, uploading usage data to a MAP-developed platform so that care providers and other stakeholders can monitor an individual’s medication usage in real time.

The companies are highlighting the device’s utility in preventing substance abuse, since the TAD can be used to determine whether a subject is taking too much medication or not taking enough. In a statement announcing the partnership, Intent Solutions President Sam Zamarripa said the TAD “has great efficacy for those with Substance Use Disorder and MAP knows how to leverage our device to improve outcomes for all of the stakeholders.”

MAP and Intent Solutions are planning to trial the solution in a pilot project that could start as soon as this March.

February 2, 2017 – by Alex Perala