Biometric Physical Access Now a Luxury Home Feature

Nothing quite fits the definition of “luxury” like limited access. Socially, money is a barrier, those who have more numbers between the dollar sign and the decimal point on their bank statements can go places that other less rich people are not allowed. When it comes to biometrics, this idea becomes manifest in deployments like the one found in The Marque social club which uses facial biometrics to discern who is allowed in and who isn’t.

Now, the rich can take that kind of biometric specialness to where they hang their hats, with Troon Pacific announcing its latest luxury home just brought to market in San Francisco.

It’s called Residence 2680, located anonymously at 2680 Greenstreet. The home hse four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms and intended for a single family. It features high energy standards and high tech features, ringing in with a listing price of $13 million.

Greg Malin, CEO of Troon Pacific explains the thinking behind this mega-home: “We’ve taken our focus on what we’re calling ‘Urbane Wellness’ to the next level with Residence 2680. Thoughtful components such as maximized use of natural light, organic gardens, aromatherapy in the steam room and light and heat control sensors allow for enhanced natural living patterns and personal wellness sensibilities.”

Along with a 46’’ multi-touch display that can be used for TV and internet, automated climate control and a hidden mirror television, Residence 2680 has evolved beyond the need for keys, featuring a biometric entry system.

As readers of findBIOMETRICS will know, when biometric access control is on the table for discussion, it is usually in terms of enterprise security, not family safety. This is not the first time we’ve reported on home biometric access control however: last year ENTERTECH SYSTEMS partnered with Millennium Group to bring biometric access to the luxury condo market.

June 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter