Biometric Patient Registration in New Guinea, Powered by Lumidigm

September 3, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

8624_lumidigm_lumidigm-vert-rgb-600wNew Tribes Mission Medical Clinic in Papua New Guinea has found itself on the receiving end of a customized biometric patient identification system called the Fulcrum Biometric Framework that features the Lumidigm M-Series multispectral fingerprint reader. The modular biometric identification system comes courtesy of Fulcrum Biometrics, a provider of integrated solutions of this kind.

One of the largest obstacles the clinic has faced is the inability to be able to keep accurate and up to date medical records of frequent patients, as many are illiterate, unable to read, write or sign their names . The system will require that new patient enroll their fingerprints upon their first visit and then on every subsequent visit present four fingers to be scanned. This allows for the most secure access to sensitive, critical and in many cases vital private medical information, ensuring that proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment is provided to every single patient.

Chief medical officer for the New Tribes Mission Medical Clinic, Dr. Kevin Ludwig, endorses the solution saying, “The fingerprint scanner has been a tremendous help in identifying patients. Biometrics provides the best means of certain identification.”

Thanks to the multispectral scanning features provided by Lumidigm’s solution, which allows for imaging of the subsurface of a fingerprint, the wear and tear that is characteristic of the served demographic doesn’t get in the way, allowing for accurate identification.of the thousands of local citizens and missionaries served by New Tribes Mission Medical Clinic regardless of fingerprint condition or environment.