Partnership Brings Biometrics to Patient Matching System

RightPatient’s biometric patient identification technology is being integrated into Verato’s patient matching solution, the companies have announced.Partnership Brings Biometrics to Patient Matching System

Their partnership could help healthcare organizations to eliminate duplicate patient records and profiles. Verato’s platform is designed to verify patient identity in reference to a national database, cutting through disparate enterprise systems to ensure that a given patient’s healthcare records only point to one identity. RightPatient’s solution, meanwhile, offers biometric identification through multiple modalities, enabling organizations to reliably identify a given patient upon arrival.

As RightPatient President Michael Trader explained in a statement announcing the partnership, while his company’s platform is designed to eliminate the source of identification errors, it “doesn’t solve the problem of the errors that have accumulated across disparate patient silos and over many years of medical encounters. That’s where Verato comes into play.”

With numerous healthcare organizations now seeking to take advantage of biometrics for reliable patient identification, RightPatient and Verato’s combined solution could prove even more effective at making sure patient identities are kept unique and singular, helping to drive down the administrative costs that can arise from records errors.

February 21, 2017 – by Alex Perala