Biometric Patient ID Improves Efficiency at Hospitals

Smart Cards and Cloud Technology Bolster Patient ID in MaineA major nonprofit healthcare system in the US has seen major improvements to its patient records management since introducing a palm vein scanning identification system, according to an InformationWeek article by Curtis Franklin Jr. Atlantic Health System in New Jersey adopted the system from Patient Secure via software integrator McKesson.

The main motivation for adopting the system was to find a way to fix the hospital network’s record duplication issue, which arose from Atlantic Health System’s practice of creating a new record for every visit from a patient. That process also created a lot of paperwork, and took a certain amount of administrative time too.

Now, with the new palm vein scanning system, patients can be quickly and easily identified, with their complete records just a scan away. It has simplified the process and reduced administrative work; interviewed for the article, Atlantic Health System CIO Linda Reed estimated that it could reduce the workload of patient registration by 25 percent on a given day, and has provided even more important benefits in securing patient identities.

Biometric patient identification systems are increasingly being adopted by hospitals, given their obvious benefits. As more healthcare systems seek to cut administrative costs to cope with the coming demographic changes and stresses on healthcare systems, many more will likely turn to solutions like these.

April 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala