Biometric Locking System Helps Omnicell Win Prestigious Contract

Biometrics Security

Biometrics have a number of potential applications in the healthcare space in addition to locking up medicine cabinets. Recently FindBiometrics reported on a solution that allows blood clinic visitors to do away with inefficient donor cards.

Omnicell, Inc., a provider of healthcare efficiencies solutions, has won a contract to lend its services to the well-respected Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The company’s Unity enterprise platform offers a range of products and services to help medical institutions improve their administration, including cloud-based inventory management for medication, business analytics software, and the ability for nurses to remotely control the dispensation of medication. Importantly, the company’s OmniRX Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets use a biometric locking system called Touch & Go, ensuring that only the appropriate medical staff are able to access and dispense patients’ medication.

As major data centers have started to demand biometric locking systems, it seems a logical step for medical institutions to begin using the same technology to secure medication. Given the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centers’s reputation as one of the best hospitals in America, the partnership with Omnicell could inspire other medical establishments to consider implementing this kind of technology.

October 27 – by Alex Perala