FindBiometrics Announces Biometric Law Enforcement Webinar

FindBiometrics Announces Biometric Law Enforcement Webinar

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The next generation of law enforcement is here. It is digital, it is mobile, and it is biometric. Biometric livescan has streamlined biometric data collection; massive databases of biometric data, working in tandem with mobile biometric readers, are bringing new efficiencies to policing in the field; facial recognition software has enabled video security systems to become much more powerful tools in identifying criminal suspects. Database sharing between agencies, on municipal, state, and national levels has aided in the apprehension of criminal suspects, and live-updated criminal record histories linked to biometrics, like the FBI’s RapBack program, are ensuring background checks stay up to date. Biometrics have made law enforcement more effective and efficient.

But for all the increased power and efficiency biometrics bring to law enforcement, there are also challenges. Considerations of privacy, understanding the nuances of a successful deployment, navigating a rapidly evolving landscape of biometric technology and mobility—these are all of the utmost importance when talking about biometric law enforcement.

On September 28, 2016, at 11 AM EDT, join FindBiometrics for the latest entry in its renowned webinar series, Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement. Part of Law Enforcement Biometric Month, which we are observing throughout the month of September, the webinar will feature a panel of industry experts discussing the most pressing issues in biometrics-enabled justice.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The benefits biometrics bring to law enforcement
  • The challenges in deployment
  • The role of privacy in biometric law enforcement
  • How mobile biometrics and increased connectivity are changing law enforcement and identity
  • The dominant biometric modalities in law enforcement deployments
  • How biometric enabled law enforcement is evolving as new and innovative technologies continue to surface

After an expert panel discussion, attendees can expect to participate in an interactive question and answer period.

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