Biometric Entry and Exit To Get Stage Time

Biometric Border ControlThe US Defense Strategies Institute will be hosting an Identity Management Symposium in late April, and has announced that an important speaker has signed on for the event. Michael Hardin is the Deputy Director of the US Customs and Border Protection‘s Biometric Entry and Exit program, and will be speaking on the progress of that initiative.

It’s part of an effort to comply with legislation requiring the Department of Homeland Security to update the US Congress on the implementation of the Biometric Entry and Exit program. In addition to those provided by Mr. Hardin, the Symposium will also get updates from DoD Biometrics, The Joint Staff, the Office of Biometric Identity Management, the DIA, and other concerned parties.

Speaking in a press release, Symposium Director Thomas Engelman said that the organizers “are confident this year’s forum will provide the Community with important updates, priorities, and requirements in order to best support critical identity programs across Government.”

The Biometric Entry and Exit program is an ambitious initiative, and an important part of the US government’s efforts to implement biometric security screening; last summer the US Senate approved $249 million in funding for the Office of Biometric Identity Management. The many agencies involved are undoubtedly eager to discuss the progress they have made.

March 12, 2015 – by Alex Perala