Biometric Brand Banks on Blood Drive

Medical background - Grunge styleThe makers of a new finger vein identification solution are banking on blood to get clients’ attention. Alabama-based Avion Solutions is launching it Biometric Identification Tool (BIT) with a blood drive at its headquarters.

It’s the result of a preexisting partnership with Tennessee-based blood provider Blood Assurance, which helped to trial the BIT at two blood donor locations over the course of three months. Blood Assurance used the BIT’s finger vein recognition technology to register donors and link them with their medical records, and to then subsequently authenticate them at future visits, allowing Blood Assurance and its donors to eschew the tiresome paperwork usually involved. Avion says its soltuion is 99.9 percent accurate, and indeed Blood Assurance reported zero errors in using BIT with more than 600 donors, with most donors responding positively to the convenient solution.

And so Avion is launching BIT with a blood drive organized by Blood Assurance, though the device is not limited to this area in its potential applications. Developed in collaboration with Hitachi – a company with a wealth of experience developing finger vein biometric technology – BIT could also be deployed in areas ranging from day care centers to nursing homes and a variety of business settings, Avion says.

Source: WHNT News 19