Biometric Background Checks To Be Performed on Illinois Firearms Instructors

September 3, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

Biometrics have been gaining a foothold in the controversial world of gun control as the debates concerning the restriction of firearms rage on. Biometric locks on gun safes were a start, and more recently smart-guns have been entering the discourse: weapons that require a positive fingerprint ID from an on-gun scanner in order to discharge.

When if comes to gun education however, biometrics are going to start playing a crucial role as well, at least in Illinois. Accurate Biometrics, the company holding the Illinois Master Fingerprinting Contract, announced today that it has received approval from the state police to perform finger biometrics based background checks for Concealed Carry Firearms Instructors, making sure that the people responsible for handing out licenses are up to the standards set by state laws.

According to Peggy Critchfield, president of Accurate Biometrics, the company only has approval to begin fingerprinting firearm instructors, but starting in January of 2014 it will expand its services to the Concealed Carry License Applicants.