Biometric Attendance Tracking to Improve Patient Services at Pakistan Hospital

Pakistan’s Safwat Ghayur Shaheed Memorial Children Hospital, at Haji Camp in Peshawar, now has a biometric attendance tracking system for staff. The system was launched yesterday, with a handout from district officials explaining that it’s meant “to provide better health services to the patients.”

Biometric Attendance Tracking to Improve Patient Services at Pakistan HospitalIt’s an example of the rising prominence of biometric technology in hospitals around the world, with neighboring India’s Haryana state officials also having announced plans this year to introduce biometric attendance tracking in district hospitals. And while biometric tracking of staff can produce important results in some deployments, biometric technology is also being used to track patients: New Jersey’s Atlantic Health System, for example, dramatically improved its patient records management by introducing a palm vein identification system for patients last year. That ties in with a growing interest in biometrics for Electronic Health Records management, with companies like Caradigm and Allscripts offering EHR solutions based on biometric technology from BIO-key.

The overall healthcare biometrics market is expected to continue a considerable growth trend over the next few years, with Transparency Market Research recently forecasting a growth rate of 25.9 percent (CAGR) between 2013 and 2019. That means the benefits to be seen from the recent Safwat Ghayur Shaheed Memorial Children Hospital deployment should be extended even further around the world as the technology continues to be adopted.

Source: The Express Tribune

August 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala