Biometric Access Control In Condos and Clinics – EnterTech Joins With Millennium Group To Make It a Reality

ENTERTECHJanuary 8, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Perhaps the biggest obstacle faced by the biometrics industry lies in the barriers placed before mainstream adoption. Generally referred to as “friction,” these barriers work together in transforming what should be an easier and more secure experience for administrators and end users alike into a nightmare of inaccessibility. When combined with the obvious deterrent of high cost, the prospect of upgrading to a biometric physical access system can appear daunting at best to business owners and mainstream consumers alike.

EnterTech Systems, the US operating partner of Suprema Inc. has recently been attacking these barriers head on though a number of partnerships. Today the company announced another one of these collaborations that stands to put biometric physical access control at the public’s fingertips: EnterTech has joined forces with Millennium Group in order to break down adoption barriers in both healthcare and condominium markets.

“Our mission at EnterTech Systems is to help organizations overcome the obstacles to mainstream adoption of biometric access control, which include reducing cost, complexity and user on-boarding issues,” says EnterTech’s CEO Rob Douglas. “Together with Millennium Group we will enhance access control significantly – to provide enhanced safety and security to users in the healthcare and luxury high-rise markets.”

The partnership will now allow for biometric authentication via Suprema fingerprint readers to be included as features in Millennium Group’s line of access control systems for luxury condominiums and healthcare facilities.

Gregory Goldman, CEO of Millennium Group expands on the benefit of this, saying: “With Suprema biometric devices and expert technical support from EnterTech Systems, this next level of security eliminates the need for keys, key fobs, codes and access cards.”

A key benefit that EnterTech brings to the equation will be its BioConnect application which is designed to make the management of the physical access systems being deployed. The administrative application allows for the management of badge records (a process that normally requiring two separate programs) through a single interface.

The continued efforts that EnterTech is making in order to break down mainstream barriers is an encouraging sign that it’s not just the biometrics companies operating in the mobile ID sphere that are pushing for accessibility.