Clipfort Brings Biometric Access Control to Guns

Clipfort Brings Biometric Access Control to GunsAn Israeli startup called Clipfort has developed a biometric access control system for gun magazines.

The system was pioneered by Daniel Biran, who previously worked on biometric memory sticks but was moved to develop a firearm solution after the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in the US. His system revolves around the embedding of a fingerprint sensor at the base of Clipfort’s ammunition magazines (the cartridges that are loaded into the base of a gun). The system essentially blocks the magazine from loading ammo into the gun unless the weapon’s user is authenticated via fingerprint scan.

Clipfort says the scanner boasts 99.999 percent accuracy and can identify a user in 0.7 seconds. The company aims to sell the clips for somewhere between $150 and $200 USD, and it has so far received $2 million in backing from investors.

It’s a novel and potentially impactful expansion of the biometric access control concept, which has begun to migrate from its more common infrastructure and perimeter applications into everyday objects like residential door locks and even bike locks.

Source: Bloomberg

November 13, 2015 – by Alex Perala