BioIQ Platform Integrates eDoc4U Health Advisory System

BioIQ Platform Integrates eDoc4U Health Advisory SystemBioIQ has integrated another health management solution into its flagship population health platform, the company has announced.

Its platform leverages biometric data, lab results, and gamification to help employers and health plans better manage the health and wellness of the populations under their oversight. Now, the platform incorporates eDoc4U, a system that offers targeted health and wellness recommendations based on unique needs and criteria. It’s easy to imagine how eDoc4U could complement the BioIQ platform, leveraging the latter’s data to offer specialized interventions where appropriate.

Commenting on the integration in a press release, eDoc4U president Ray Capp asserted that the company’s system “has a solid track record of assisting people with preventing or delaying the onset of diseases for which they are specifically at risk,” while BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante asserted that with the integration, “individuals can now complete a health screening and receive a personalized, risk-based education curriculum in a variety of media formats and toolsets to better understand and address their health risks or potential risks.”

BioIQ recently won a contract to offer its technology to various US government agencies, and with this latest enhancement it could soon see more such contracts in a growing market.

December 8, 2015 – by Alex Perala