BIOGUARD Jail Release System Keeps Binds Inmates To IDs

August 20, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

8622_morphotrak_rvb_morphotrakUS Morpho (Safran) subsidiary MorphoTrak is continuing to give Arizona law enforcement a biometric boost. Last week the company supplied the Mesa Police Department with enough MorphoIDent mobile recognition units to fully cover its patrol schedule, and now the BIOGUARD system is being implemented in the Maricopa County sheriff’s office.

BIOGUARD, made possible through a partnership between MorphoTrak and Identity One, is a biometric solution that identifies inmates via fingerprint scans, preventing jailbirds from switching identities.

David Smith, CEO of Identity One calls the system simple, but easily expanded. Upon booking, inbound offenders have two fingerprints enrolled on a MorphoTrak optical fingerprint capture device. When it comes time for release, the soon-to-be-former inmate has her fingerprints checked against a database containing photos for visual identity authentication.

Shelly Bunn, Maricopa deputy sheriff, speaks to the benefits of the new system saying, “Our citizens and our community are now safeguarded from inmate identity fraud.”