BioConnect Teams Up With Yardstick, a Canadian e-Learning Company

BioConnect has teamed up with Yardstick, an online education company, to enable biometric identification of students.

BioConnect Teams Up With Yardstick, a Canadian e-Learning CompanyBioConnect’s latest partner is a Canadian company offering e-learning and online examination services. And while such services are innovative by their nature, they’re also susceptible to the problem of identity fraud, since with traditional authentication mechanisms like username and password systems, credentials can be shared.

BioConnect’s technology will be used to eliminate such risks, with face, eye, cardiac, and fingerprint biometrics used to identify the students being examined. Explaining the partnership in a statement, Yardstick CEO Chris LaBossiere said BioConnect offers “a secure identity platform that will provide assurance of identity for our clients, partners and participants across all the channels that are critically important to Yardstick.”

For BioConnect, it’s one of the first major integrations since the company’s Toronto launch last autumn, and an entry into a market previously unexplored by the company. Commenting in a statement, BioConnect Director of Strategic Partnerships Bianca Lopes asserted that “Yardstick is leading the assessment and online training industry”, adding, “we are very excited for the possibilities that we can uncover together.”

March 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala