BioConnect and Suprema Plan Concerted Effort for ISC West

BioConnect and Suprema plan to jointly exhibit a number of new solutions at next week’s ISC West security conference in Las Vegas.

BioConnect and Suprema Plan Concerted Effort for ISC West

It’s the first major showing for BioConnect since it officially rebranded in March. The company began as a Suprema operating partner under the name Entertech, and while its name has changed to better reflect its activities, it remains a Suprema partner and thus will show off its new solutions in concert with the biometric security company.

Among those solutions are Suprema’s new BioStation A2 and BioStation L2 terminals, which offer fingerprint-based access control and time tracking capabilities, and are available for deployment via BioConnect. And BioConnect will show off its own identity platform offering compatibility with Suprema devices and Digitus cabinet readers. In so doing, the company will highlight recent integrations into access control platforms such as C-CURE 9000, among others.

Along those lines, BioConnect will put a spotlight on data center applications via what it calls its ‘Best in Class’ data center concept, and the company will also introduce its first identity application, the BioConnect Teamworks HR platform.

It’s going to be a pretty comprehensive showing, shining a spotlight on both companies’ offerings and helping to ensure that BioConnect’s new brand makes a strong impression.

March 31, 2016 – by Alex Perala