BioConnect Becomes FIDO Alliance Member

BioConnect has become a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, the company has announced.

BioConnect Becomes FIDO Alliance MemberIn keeping with the company’s slogan, in a statement announcing the FIDO members, BioConnect framed it as another step on its “Quest for Rightful Identity,” which of course entails the company’s unique biometric authentication technologies. CEO Rob Douglas also suggested the membership offers an opportunity for productive collaboration, asserting that the FIDO Alliance brings “industry leaders together to uncover a standard around this fragmented topic of identity”.

Indeed, and the FIDO Alliance’s influence has been growing markedly over the last several months, with the group earning accolades from market researchers and getting major names like eBay on board; it has even begun to involve itself in governmental policy discussions. As such, FIDO membership could offer BioConnect a meaningful opportunity to help shape the conversation around identity management.

It also represents an opportunity for BioConnect to make industry connections and further promote its biometric identity technologies in the wake of an upgrade to its flagship platform, so the company’s new FIDO membership looks to be a win-win.

May 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala