BioConnect to Help Bring EMKA Biometric Lock Solutions to More Businesses

UK-based lock solutions provider EMKA has teamed up with BioConnect to enable biometric access control solutions for the enterprise.

BioConnect to Help Bring EMKA Biometric Lock Solutions to More BusinessesWhile EMKA has long offered biometric cabinet lock systems, those fingerprint-based solutions have entailed special access control management software from EMKA and its partner Digitus Biometrics, and weren’t compatible with separate access control systems. That has proven increasingly problematic lately: As EMKA Managing Director Andy Billingham explains, companies that have sunk a lot of resources into their own access control management systems “have a strong economic and efficiency motivation (if not a corporate mandate) to integrate cabinet access controls into their enterprise ACM platform.”

That’s why EMKA has turned to BioConnect as its new identity management platform partner. The latter’s platform is designed for scalable adoption into existing infrastructure, and supports a range of modalities including fingerprints. As such, EMKA says the result of its partnership is a “fully-integrated solution that perfectly synchronizes with major ACM solutions.”

As demand for biometric access control continues to rise, the move bodes will for EMKA’s biometric cabinet lock offerings.

December 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala