BioConnect Founder Has Great Expectation For Biometrics Industry

The founder and CEO of BioConnect has some bold predictions for the biometrics industry. Writing on the company’s blog, Rob Douglas predicts that biometric authentication “is going to become the standard for all transactions whether physical or digital applications.”

BioConnect Founder Has Great Expectation For Biometrics IndustryBut Douglas also notes the tension in balancing convenience against security, predicting that biometric solutions providers will increasingly try to match the thoroughness of authentication to the needs of a given scenario—after all, Touch ID authorization might be appropriate for a $10 mPayment purchase, but not for transferring millions of dollars. The need to assess such scenarios, in turn, will lead to the rise of cognitive learning systems that can make those determinations via AI.

BioConnect is, of course, aiming for this kind of scalability with its eponymous platform. Douglas says it “was created to curate biometric information” to offer a “higher level of authentication for the enterprise… for all transactions, digital, physical or IoT.” And he highlights how the platform has been integrated into physical access control software systems, effectively bridging the physical world with the digital authentication enabled by today’s mobile devices.

Douglas ends with a vision of a future in which a user’s mobile device enables biometric authentication in a wide range of real-world applications, and echoes colleague Bianca Lopes’s recent writing on the growing enthusiasm for biometric solutions, concluding, “I don’t expect this market to slow down any time soon.”

July 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala