BioCatch Granted Patent for Social Media RAT Trap

BioCatch has won a patent for a system designed to detect remote access trojan (RAT) attacks.

BioCatch Granted Patent for Social Media RAT TrapWhile the company’s behavioral biometrics technology is in general a kind of anti-RAT security solution, the system described in the newly granted patent is aimed specifically at attacks made through social media channels.

In a statement announcing the patent approval, BioCatch explained that RAT attacks through social channels are difficult to detect by traditional means because they involve the usurpation of genuine accounts that have already been authenticated with real user credentials. BioCatch’s system takes a different approach, focusing on “the user’s known behavior at the destination in the online session” and “detecting threats that exhibit anomalous behavior,” as BioCatch CTO Avi Turgeman put it. Thus, even hackers using RAT tools can’t escape the system’s notice.

Entitled Device, Method, and System of Detecting Remote Access Users and Differentiating Among Users, this is BioCatch’s 23rd granted patent, with 25 additional patents pending.

July 12, 2017 – by Alex Perala