Bio-Metrica Announces Biometric Identification System

Florida-based Bio-Metrica has announced a new biometric enrollment and identification system. Called BIS (‘Biometric Identification System’), it’s based on the Biometric Identification Infrastructure (BII) that the company launched last summer.Bio-Metrica Announces Biometric Identification System

The multi-modal system supports face, fingerprint, iris, and vein recognition, among other modalities; and it can be deployed via laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices. As for where all that data goes, the BII infrastructure allows it to be processed through local servers or uploaded to CloudBII so that it can be shared across devices.

As Bio-Metrica founder Ronen Yacobi explains in a statement announcing BIS, the system is meant to offer “organizations of any size the ability to implement a modular, customizable, and scalable, Multi-Biometric Identification System,” and moreover one that can be deployed “within time and budget constraints for a cost effective price.”

The system is compliant with multiple international standards including ANSI, ICAO, and ISO, and Bio-Metrica says it’s appropriate for applications such as “identification of security guards and government employees, healthcare or financial benefits distribution applications and many others.”

November 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala