BIO-key to Help Promote Windows Hello in 12-City Event Series

BIO-key to Help Promote Windows Hello in 12-City Event SeriesMicrosoft is launching a 12-city event series promoting its new Windows 10 operating system and Office 2016 software, and BIO-key will be joining it as the company’s exclusive biometric solutions partner.

BIO-key’s main role will be to showcase the biometric capabilities of Windows 10’s Windows Hello security platform, and it’s going to do so via demonstrations of its compatible security products. Plug-and-play fingerprint readers like SideSwipe and the low-cost EcoID reader will be used to show customers how they can effectively replace their old and cumbersome password systems with biometric authentication – and to do so easily, since the devices’ software is automatically installed through Microsoft Windows Update.

In a statement announcing the partnership, BIO-key SVP Jim Sullivan praised Windows Hello as a system that “makes the computing experience more personal and secure, while incorporating enterprise class biometric security into the operating system.” He added that BIO-key is “pleased to be offering high-quality and affordable biometric accessories to the Windows 10 community of enterprise users.”

The event series offers BIO-key a major promotional opportunity at a time when interest in the company’s work is growing; it just secured an $8.4 million investment deal, and more such financing could be in the pipeline, especially as business leaders see how BIO-key’s technology fits into the new Windows ecosystem.

November 3, 2015 – by Alex Perala