BIO-key to Introduce New TouchLock Padlocks at CES 2018

BIO-key to Introduce New TouchLock Padlocks at CES 2018

BIO-key’s TouchLock Pro

“Where are my keys?” may soon become a statement of the past with BIO-key unveiling its full line of TouchLock locks, featuring new biometric and bluetooth enabled padlocks and bike locks. The company, which trades in biometric software and hardware systems, will launch its line of consumer products at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Jan. 9th-12th in Las Vegas.

With its line of biometric and Bluetooth secured locks –  which come in an assortment of various sizes and colors – the company boasts the end to countless keys and inconvenience of remembering pass codes with products designed for luggage, laptops, sheds or garages, and more.

In addition to showcasing its existing padlocks and USB finger readers, BIO-key will introduce the TouchLock Pro, the first biometric and Bluetooth “heavy duty” padlock, and TouchLock Bike, another heavy duty lock, with a flexible cable designed for cyclists. TouchLock Bike will be available in three variations: fingerprint enabled, Bluetooth enabled, or the Pro series which includes both options.

Meanwhile, BIO-key’s compact fingerprint reader line, which was also showcased at CES Unveiled New York last November, features a variety of formats that have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to support the Windows Hello biometric sign-in platform.

“BIO-key is bringing the security and convenience of biometric authentication, relied upon by millions of smart phone and tablet users each day, to our rapidly expanding line of consumer products,” stated Mike DePasquale, Chairman and CEO of BIO-key.

Considering padlock and bike keys are normally smaller in size and, therefore, more easily lost, the biometric and bluetooth access for lock mechanisms contains the allure of convenience and security — possibly signalling a change from having our valuables under ‘lock and key’ to under ‘finger and phone’.

January 3, 2018 – Susan Stover