BIO-key Explains Why Biometric Tech is More Affordable than Ever

Biometrics News - BIO-key Explains Why Biometric Tech is More Affordable than Ever

BIO-key detailed the many applications of biometric technology in a recent post on its website. The company notes that biometric tech has been leveraged in virtually every professional environment, enabling everything from secure transactions to easy logins on shared workstations and personal devices.

Of course, the advantages of biometric technology have been reasonably well established. That’s why BIO-key also tried to debunk some of the myths that prevent the widespread adoption of the technology. To that end, the company stressed that biometric technology is much more affordable than many people realize. The cost of a single fingerprint scanner can be as low as $39, and that one scanner can support an unlimited number of users for a long stretch of time.

Biometric access management software, meanwhile, can typically be licensed for as little as $3-5 per month for each user in an organization. The strong customer support of a company like BIO-key can similarly make biometric infrastructure much easier to deploy.

While BIO-key recognizes that many people are resistant to new technologies, the company argued that the benefits speak for themselves. People seldom go back to passwords once they’ve made the switch, which is why organizations shouldn’t be afraid to do so.

BIO-key does have plenty of experience in that regard. The company’s fingerprint scanners were recently utilized to secure elections in Florida’s Orange County, and to authenticate federal employees in Washington, D.C. BIO-key also opened a new African subsidiary in Nigeria.

The latest blog post was written with an eye towards large enterprises with more than 100 employees. BIO-key has created a new Proof of Concept program that has been specifically designed for such organizations.

January 21, 2020 – by Eric Weiss