BIO-key Plug-and-Play Devices Now Available on Amazon

Two major BIO-key biometric devices are now available on, the company has announced. Its plug-and-play SideSwipe and EcoID USB fingerprint readers are now available in a package costing only $119.97.

BIO-key Plug-and-Play Devices Now Available on Amazon

BIO-key’s SideSwipe (pictured) and EcoID USB biometric devices are now available on Amazon.

The solution is aimed at the enterprise market, enabling companies to take advantage of Windows 10’s sophisticated biometric security capabilities. As BIO-key points out, while Microsoft has been pioneering the widespread availability of biometric authentication via its Windows Hello platform, many users don’t yet have the hardware to support it. So by making its plug-and-play solutions commercially available through Amazon, BIO-key is allowing companies to implement such security in a simple, cost-effective manner.

In a statement announcing the move, BIO-key CEO Mike DePasquale said that the company has been seeing “remarkable” interest in its fingerprint readers, asserting, “We’re receiving inquiries across a broad spectrum of enterprise customers, which include small to midsize organizations along with Fortune 500 companies.” Much of that interest may have resulted from the company’s recent 12-city tour with Microsoft in support of Windows Hello; in any case, DePasquale suggests that the technology’s popularity is on the rise. “Partnering with Amazon allows us to address growing enterprise interest while also positioning use to service the consumer market as it evolves,” he added.

May 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala