BIO-key Brings Biometric EHR Access To Eye Care Centers

The healthcare industry is faced with a conundrum: care professionals are consistently strapped for time, but the records that they must interact with contain critical, private and valuable information and therefore demand the highest security precautions. Biometrics, when combined with electronic health records offer an ideal solution, allowing remote access to a single patient record guarded by convenient and strong authentication.

Fingerprint Biometrics

BIO-key International is a provider of fingerprint biometric identification technologies, cloud-based mobile credentialing and identity verification solutions. The company recently released it’s Q2 2014 financial report, declaring strong Q3 visibility.

Today, BIO-key International announced that it will be bringing biometric EHR access to three more eye care centers in the United States. With the addition of Eyecare Medical in Portland, ME, Hollingshead Eye Center in Boise, Idaho and I Care San Antonio in Texas, BIO-key now counts a total of 57 eye care centers in the US as customers.

BIO-key’s technology will be delivered through the company’s partners, Davlong and Medflow, which have a strong presence in the eye care market.

Though the use of electronic health records has now been mandated by the US Federal Government, the security protecting said records can often hinder the efficiency promised by EHR. Long and complex passwords that need to be regularly changed not only add to the time spent authenticating, but add to administrative inefficiency when they are forgotten or compromised.

“Our customers recognized that entering a password each time they updated a patient record was cumbersome and negatively impacted their workflow,” explains Jim Messier, Medflow’s vice president of sales marketing. “When we demonstrate how fast they can authenticate using BIO-key technology; most are eager to eliminate the use of passwords in favor of using their biometric.”

Mike DePasquale, chairman and CEO of BIO-key, says, “We believe the recent wins validate our investment in the healthcare market at all levels as we grow our sales through strategic partners to hospitals, clinics and physician practices. We recently added two new healthcare sales resources in support of our partners that have a significant presence in the EMR/EHR space. Together with Medflow and Davlong we’ve developed a lengthy list of customers and testimonials; therefore the next step includes leveraging that success by making every potential prospect aware of the opportunity to improve their security and workflow.”

September 3, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter