BIO-key Heralds ‘Biometric of Things’ Ahead of MicroCap Conference

BIO-key Heralds 'Biometric of Things' Ahead of MicroCap Conference

BIO-key’s biometric padlocks.

BIO-key will participate in The MicroCap Conference, an investor event that puts the spotlight on small stock companies. Company CEO Mike DePasquale will make his case for BIO-key with a presentation to attendees.

A recent blog post on BIO-key’s website may offer a few hints as to how DePasquale will make his pitch. Leveraging the growing buzz around the Internet of Things, the company asserts that a parallel “Biometric of Things” is emerging alongside it, with various new applications arising for biometric technology. While some applications are relatively obvious, such as BIO-key’s USB fingerprint scanners that let users take advantage of Windows 10’s biometric security features, others are more novel, such as the TouchLock biometric padlock devices showcased by the company at CES 2017 – devices that were “met with astonishment and bewilderment”, according to the post.

With fingerprint scanners newly ubiquitous on contemporary smartphones, the technology is both familiar and exciting enough that it could generate some interest among investors, especially given the opportunities opening up in the Internet of Things. That, in turn, offers an opportunity to BIO-key at The MicroCap Conference, which will take place at the Essex House in New York City on April 4th.

March 21, 2017 – by Alex Perala