BIO-key Biometrics Aim For a Positive Donor Experience in Blood Centers

Fingerprint Biometrics

Using biometrics to identify patients and donors adds efficiency and breaks down language barriers.

Biometric identity management technologies are a great boon to medical centers and clinics that see a high throughput of patients. Patient management systems that operate using biometrics rather than cards help cut down on administrative inefficiencies, add accountability to records, break down language barriers and make medical fraud much more difficult for those who would abuse the system.

BIO-key International, a company specializing in fingerprint biometrics and cloud based mobile credentialing, offers those benefits to blood centers thanks to its TruDonor Identification platform. Eliminating the need for donor cards, which need to be replaced when lost or updated when changes are made, TruDonor allows those wanting to give blood a biometric alternative that is always with them wherever they go: their fingerprint.

Jim Sullivan, BIO-key’s vice president of strategy and business development explains, “Donor identification remains a very compelling opportunity because we make a difference in streamlining the gift of life process. When blood centers use TruDonor Identification, they speed the donor check-in, ensure a positive ID and prevent duplicate donor creation, without having to exhaustively scrub through the tea leaves in their donor data, looking for potential duplicates.”

BIO-key has issued over 3 million TruDonor licenses to blood centers. The company is positioning the platform as a way to provide better experiences to donors. With the time saved by administrative staff, more focus can be spent on the generous people choosing to give up some blood.

That said, the security benefits of biometric donor management can’t be overstated.

“There are simply too many vulnerabilities and negative outcomes from using donor ID cards,” says Sullivan. “They can be shared, duplicated, manipulated, lost and stolen. Our partnerships with great companies in the blood bank software market are a great way to make this solution available without having to piece the parts together. We work together as one seamless solution.”

BIO-key’s donor identity solutions are integrated with Healthcare-ID and Blood Bank Computer Systems technology. As such, TruDonor will be demonstrated at this weekend’s AABB annual meeting in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The event runs from October 25 through 28 and BIO-key’s solutions will be on display at multiple booths (the company recommends event-goers  start at booth #217).

October 24, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter