BIO-key Announces Major Financial Services Client

BIO-key Announces Major Int'l Financial Services ClientBiometrics developer BIO-key International has announced a major new client in the financial services sector. While the new client remains anonymous, in a statement BIO-key referred to it as “an international retail and commercial services firm”.

The firm is said to have 7 million clients around the world, and 7000 contact points with those clients. The plan is to integrate BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric technology into the employee login systems of its banking systems, thereby further ensuring customer security and improving employee productivity by cutting the time involved in traditional password management and login protocols.

Jim Sullivan, BIO-key’s VP of Strategy and Business Development, called the client a “forward-thinking financial institution” and explained that once they were able to show their clients the benefits of fingerprint biometrics and it came time to upgrade their systems, “their extensive experience with fingerprint technology led them to the conclusion that BIO-key was the right choice for them to count on.”

The financial services industry has proven to be an early adopter of biometric security, and given BIO-key’s exploration of various sectors in promoting its fingerprint biometric technology – from healthcare to portable consumer devices – it makes sense that the company would attract a major financial services organization.

April 17, 2015 – by Alex Perala