News Roundup: A Big Week For Fingerprints

Last week at FindBiometrics we continued our month long focus on biometric technology in schools while the industry news contained an abundance of important fingerprint recognition items and big headlines concerning law enforcement.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top identity management news stories.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsThe FBI’s Rap Back system – a major aspect for the Next Generation Identification program – went live in Utah last week, enabled by technology provided by NEC Corporation. The Bureau also made headlines with a letter published in The New York Times meant to demystify the agency’s use of facial recognition.

Speaking of facial recognition, authorities in Thailand have requested US aid in the ongoing bombing investigation in the country, asking for facial recognition tech to better analyze key video footage. In the mean time, the Ministry of Home Affairs in India announced that it will be creating a national criminal biometric database while the DMVs in New York and New Jersey united their databases too, in order to attack driver’s license fraud.

FBI’s Rap Back System Launches in Utah Thanks to NEC

US Facial Recognition Could Aid in Thai Bombing Investigation

FBI Goes On Record re: NGI Facial Recognition

New York, New Jersey DMVs Team Up with Biometrics

Indian Home Ministry Uniting Criminal Fingerprint Databases

Success For Fingerprints

Success For Fingerprints

Last week was a big one for fingerprint biometrics, with a number of positive looking Q2 2015 fiscal updates being released (including a very positive one from Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC)). The fingerprint market is looking good, and if you need numbers to back that assertion up, Grand View Research published a new report on the market while FPC and Precise Biometrics found their respective tech on the newest flagship smartphone from Huawei: the Honor 7i.

NEXT Biometrics’ fingerprint sensor made its way onto iWallet’s latest device, which is a departure from its techcessories line, while HID integrated Lumidigm multispectral technology into the OMNIKEY smartcard reader.

Here are all the ways fingerprints were making the news last week:

FPC Skyrockets Into Profit with Q2 Results

Huawei Honor 7i Uses FPC Biometric Sensor

Precise Biometrics Tech In Huawei Honor 7i

iWallet Password Uses NEXT Biometrics’ Sensor

HID Integrates Lumidigm Fingerprint Biometrics into OMNIKEY

Fingerprint Access Market To Hit $4.41 Billion by 2022

CrucialTec Expects 280 Percent Bump in Back Half of Year

Precise Biometrics Posts Q2 2015 Results

IDEX Issues Mid-Year Update

Education Month Continues

EducationAugust is Education Month at FindBiometrics. Last week we put four unique student biometrics deployments from around the globe under the spotlight while a brand new deployment was announced in Ohio, where some schools are going to be implementing a fingerprint POS system for lunch lines.

Education Month: 4 Unique Deployments

Ohio School District Implements Biometric Meal Access

Nigerian Biometrics

global biometricsNational ID made the news last week as the president of Nigeria called for the centralization of the region’s biometric data. Additionally, MTN Nigeria (a division of MTN Group) placed a major order with Novateqni Corporation for biometric enrollment devices intended to be used for new regulatory measures.

Nigerian President Calls for Biometric Data Centralization

MTN Nigeria Places $1M Order for Biometric Enrolment Devices

The FIDO Advantage

The FIDO AdvantageSensory’s TrulySecure multi-factor biometric platform received FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Factor) certification last week. Fellow FIDO member Microsoft was also in the news, albeit for a more novel reason. The Australian performed a small-sample test on the new Windows Hello facial recognition security feature, finding that it can distinguish between identical twins.

Windows Hello Biometrics Not Fooled By Twins

TrulySecure Platform Gets FIDO UAF Certification

Facial Recognition

facial recognitionStaying on the topic of facial recognition, last week we reported on a new pilot project undertaken by MasterCard and First Tech that is aimed at developing a “Selfie Pay” system. Facial recognition and social analytics are combining in a new authentication platform called I Am Real, and NEC received a contract to deliver face and behavioral biometrics to an oil refinery. Here are last week’s top facial recognition stories:

Platform Authenticates Via Face Biometrics and Social Analytics

First Tech and MasterCard Pilot Biometric Online Payments

NEC To Deliver Facial Recognition and Behavioral Analytics To Refinery


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August 24, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter