Bexar County Pursues Biometric Tech for Police

Law Enforcement Biometrics

NEC is no stranger to the law enforcement biometrics market. It’s facial recognition technology has been used by Leicestershire Police to analyze video data and catch criminals.

Texas’ Bexar County has hired an IT company to provide it with new biometric technology for law enforcement, according to an article by KENS5 Eyewitness News’ Stacia Wilson. County officials will pay NEC Corporation of America up to $3.4 million for the technology.
The county’s law enforcement officials are looking for “Automated Fingerprint Identification and Facial Recognition System”, according to the article, and more specifically are interested in plan-impression live scanning, a newer iteration of the technology. Bexar County has a population of almost 2 million and includes the City of San Antonio, the seventh most populous city in the US, so law enforcement authorities’ attainment of this kind of technology could have a dramatic impact.
Bexar County’s case is symptomatic of a larger trend as biometric technology is of growing interest to government and security agencies around the world. Police in the UK are keen to get their hands on such technology to better protect the country against perceived terrorist threats in addition to improving regular policing, while India is undergoing a nationwide project to get biometric identification of the entire population, partly in the service of maintaining security.
October 30, 2014 – by Alex Perala