BehavioSec Sees Rising Interest in Behavioral Biometrics Solution

BehavioSec Sees Rising Interest in Behavioral Biometrics SolutionMobile identity solutions provider TeleSign is bringing behavioral biometrics to its platform. The company has announced that a new partnership will bring BehavioSec technology to the authentication system.

BehavioSec’s technology will provide an extra layer of authentication security to the platform, with its keystroke, mouse movement, and touch-based interaction analytics complementing TeleSign’s existing authentication technologies. In a statement announcing the integration, BehavioSec CEO Neil Costigan explained that the integration would not only improve the integrity of TeleSign’s authentication system, but would reduce friction. “The combination of our technologies can preserve the highest level of account security for our customers, while removing complexity for the end user,” he said.

The partnership may indicate growing enthusiasm for BehavioSec’s technology: Last fall, SecureAuth also made a deal to integrate it into its IdP API platform, with the aim of letting clients integrate its behavioral biometrics capabilities into their own authentication platforms. But the deal may also be a sign of rising interest in behavioral biometrics more generally, with online security systems like NuDetect also enjoying a heightened profile, and market analysts anticipating growth.

January 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala