Behavioral Biometrics Platform Gets Upgrade

BioCatch has launched a new version of its flagship behavioral biometrics platform. The company’s eponymous BioCatch 2.0 now sports improved scalability, enhanced threat detection, faster processing, and a revamped interface for its analytics feature.Behavioral Biometrics Platform Gets Upgrade

BioCatch says its platform uses over 500 metrics to create unique user profiles for visitors to clients’ websites. Some of those parameters are contextual, such as geolocation and network information; while many others revolve around the kinds of behavioral biometrics – measurements of how a given user physically interacts with the computer or mobile device being used to access a site.

This past summer, BioCatch announced that it was expanding its platform’s use of Microsoft Azure, with R&D VP Tal Moyal suggesting that the cloud computing service would “continue to play an increasingly important role for BioCatch as we build our capabilities.” Its latest upgrade suggests the company is now realizing this prediction.

With rival behavioral biometrics company NuData having reported dramatically rising traffic for NuDetect, and BioCatch asserting that its own platform is now processing over a billion transactions per month, it appears there is a rising interest in these kinds of behavioral biometrics systems. And now that BioCatch has further upgraded its offerings, it could see even more of an uptake in its client base.

November 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala