Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Roundup

Throughout April at FindBiometrics we have been placing a special focus on behavioral biometrics. The invisible, passive biometric modality is predicted to become a mainstream security solution by the end of this year, and judging by our Behavioral Biometrics Month featured articles, news coverage, and expert webinar, such forecasts certainly seem accurate.

Here is a look back on the highlights from Behavioral Biometrics Month:

Getting Started

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The RoundupBehavioral biometrics isn’t just a relatively new technology, it’s also complex. With a wide range of applications that expand beyond the domain of authentication and identification, behavioral biometrics are versatile and nuanced. To kick things off on the right foot, we started April with a primer on this burgeoning modality, covering the latest market research, its applications in cyber security, the many ways it can authenticate users, and the most relevant thought leadership.

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Primer

Behavioral Biometrics As Cyber Security

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The RoundupOne of the more fascinating aspects of behavioral biometrics is that it can be used to weed out malware and detect fraudsters. Indeed, the ability to address new account fraud and prevent remote access attacks is one of the reasons behavioral biometrics are in such high demand by financial institutions. Our week two featured article takes an in-depth look at how behavioral biometrics can address Remote Access Trojan (RAT) attacks, while two industry headlines illustrated the tangible benefits of the featured modality when applied as a security measure.

Behavioral Biometrics Month: A Better RAT Trap

How Behavioral Biometrics Can Fight New Account Fraud

NuData Success Stories Demonstrate Power of Behavioral Biometrics

The Modality of Modalities

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The RoundupBehavioral biometrics, both as an authentication mechanism and a cyber security solution, work by comparing measured device interactions to psychological, physiological, and behavioral profiles. Unlike many other modalities that match only one physical
characteristic to verify an identity, however, behavioral biometrics measure a whole bunch of little things you do—quotidian motions, natural rhythms, and long-held habits. These micro modalities were the subject of our third feature of the month. Take a look:

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Micro-Modalities Within

Talking About Behavior

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The RoundupBehavioral Biometrics Month culminated with an expert webinar on Wednesday, April 26. The live presentation started with the latest market research from Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence. Most was then joined by Ryan Wilk, Vice President, Customer Success, NuData Security, and Zohar Elnekave, Solution Specialist, BioCatch, for a panel discussion getting to the heart of our month’s featured modality. Stay posted to FindBiometrics in May when we will publish a recording of the webcast.

Behavior and Finance in the News

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The RoundupApril had some market-shaking headlines regarding behavioral biometrics. Mastercard announced that it is acquiring NuData Security, and Experian partnered with BioCatch to protect its clients with behavioral technology.

Behavioral biometrics made the news on a regular basis in April, but these two financial headlines shined brightest:

Experian to Leverage BioCatch Behavioral Biometrics in Anti-Fraud Platform

Mastercard to Acquire NuData Security


Behavioral Biometrics Month is made possible by our sponsors: BioCatch and NuData Security.

Thank you for joining us for Behavioral Biometrics Month. Stay posted to FindBiometrics for all your identity technology news needs. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.