Behavioral Biometrics Improve Customer Relationships

Behavioral BiometricsNuData Security is preaching the benefits of behavioral biometrics. In a new blog post, the company explains the importance of using this nascent modality to add an extra level of security to a website or app, and improve the user experience.

In the post, NuData emphasizes the benefits that can arise from having the added layer of behavioral biometric security on a website: Because it offers a form of passive user authentication, it allows for greater website (or app) simplification, which can in turn drastically improve the user experience. Citing conversion rate data from, the post asserts that a 20 percent reduction in website complexity can lead to a 96 percent increase in the user’s loyalty to the company as a customer. That, in turn, makes the user 86 percent more likely to buy something and 115 percent more likely to refer a friend to the site.

Meanwhile, the ability of advanced behavioral biometrics systems to engage in machine learning means that fraudsters come under a powerful – and increasing – level of scrutiny. Fraudsters who engage in the usual tells, such as making an account for a site and then never visiting the site itself, or using automated systems to make huge numbers of accounts, can immediately be identified via a behavioral biometrics system, which can then continue to monitor them, analyzing their behavior to develop a more comprehensive profile.

This sort of thing is indeed possible with behavioral biometrics systems – and not just from NuData’s offerings. As other companies jump into the field, behavioral biometrics seems likely to become an important factor in advanced and reliable digital security systems.

April 2, 2015 – by Alex Perala