Behavioral Biometrics Boost BlackBerry Cylance Security Platform

Behavioral Biometrics Boost BlackBerry Cylance Security Platform

BlackBerry Cylance is using behavioral biometrics to enhance its Cylance AI security platform. The new features are being introduced under the CylancePERSONA heading, and will deliver continuous authentication to its enterprise-level clients to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

“Every day, rogue insiders and external threat actors exploit valid user credentials to launch cyber attacks, so there is a clear need for organizations to ensure every user logged into their network can be trusted at all times,” said Blackberry Cylance Chief Product Officer Eric Cornelius. “CylancePERSONA delivers a scalable, efficient, effective solution that can ensure trust of the user is continuous.”

To do so, CylancePERSONA creates a Cylance Trust Score based on individual user activity, monitoring behavior such as login times and keyboard and mouse actions. That Trust Score goes down whenever the platform senses an anomaly. If it dips below a certain point, the software can trigger an authentication request or even suspend the account.  

The goal is to identify and respond to suspicious activity in real time, using behavioral biometrics to improve the existing Cylance AI and facilitate a more proactive (and more effective) approach to fraud prevention across an entire corporate network.

CylancePERSONA is the latest addition to BlackBerry’s enterprise security portfolio, which also includes the Network Operation Center IT solution and the recently upgraded BlackBerry Spark IoT platform.     

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)