BBC Explores Voice Authentication For iPlayer

The BBC has been experimenting with a voice recognition system for its iPlayer, its digital service allowing TV subscribers to access BBC programs online.

BBC Explores Voice Authentication For iPlayerThe British media organization has built a proof-of-concept prototype designed to allow subscribers to log into their iPlayer accounts just by speaking, and to search for BBC content by voice command, such as phrases like, “Show me something funny.”

News of the prototype comes soon after a BBC reporter wrote an article questioning the security of HSBC’s voice authentication system after his twin brother was able to access his account, albeit after several failed attempts. A blog post announcing the prototype made no mention of such security criticisms, but emphasized that the proof of concept “was an internal experiment” aimed at helping the organization to “better understand how emerging technologies could impact the media industry” and to consider how to improve the audience experience in the future.

Other companies have also been exploring this area, with Apple’s Siri able to put on BBC News via voice command from an Apple TV user, though Siri is not yet used for login authentication despite its voice recognition capability.

Source: BBC Blogs

August 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala