Balabit Brings Behavioral Biometrics to Blindspotter Security Platform

Balabit Brings Behavioral Biometrics to Blindspotter Security PlatformIT security developer Balabit has launched a new version of its behavioral analytics solution at this year’s RSA Conference.

Blindspotter version 2016.03 features new machine learning algorithms aimed at identifying hijacked and inappropriately shared accounts, helping client organizations to avoid data breaches. Balabit says its system is capable of distinguishing between human and script-based activity, and its SSH shell command analysis has now been extended to Windows via Remote Desktop Protocol.

The new version also features behavioral biometrics analysis, looking at keystroke and mouse movement patterns in order to offer an extra layer of authentication security. Still in its nascent phase, behavioral biometrics is a technology that appears to be catching on quickly, with pioneers like NuData enjoying a rising profile and even Microsoft starting to move in this direction.

Summing up the system’s advantages in a statement, Balabit’s Product Manager of Blindspotter Péter Gyöngyösi said it lets IT professionals get “a better understanding on how IT services are used by specific users or user groups,” providing them with “immediate, actionable and tangible insight.”

March 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala