B-Secur Banks on Cardiac Biometrics

rp_iStock_heart-rate.jpgA new startup is shopping its cardiac biometrics technology, and appears to be on pretty solid footing, according to a profile by John Kennedy in Silicon Republic. The Ireland-based B-Secur boasts of advanced ECG technology and solid financial backing.

The company’s executives are keen to point out the difficulty of spoofing when it comes to cardiac biometrics. B-Secur CEO Alan Foreman notes that while alternative biometric modalities such as fingerprint scanning “use external biometrics”, the company’s “ECG solution is an internal solution (inside the human body) and therefore not open for external manipulation.” He and his team see a range of potential applications for the technology, from starting cars to securing borders; and he asserts that the company is already in talks with corporations in the automotive, public service, ICT, mobile, and financial services sectors.

Of course, B-Secur isn’t the only game in town when it comes to the nascent field of cardiac biometrics. There’s also Nymi, for example, with its Nymi Band wristband, which offers persistent biometric authentication based on a user’s unique ECG reading. And if the impending Apple Watch manages to popularize smartwatches as expected, we could soon see a raft of smartwatches equipped with this same kind of technology.

March 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala