Avaya Brings Biometrics, AI to Call Center Solutions

Call center solutions specialist Avaya has enhanced its Software Development Kit and enterprise virtual assistant offerings.Avaya Brings Biometrics, AI to Call Center Solutions

The company says its SDK now supports sophisticated artificial intelligence, allowing for conversational user interaction, and even a sentiment analysis feature that can help customer calls to be automatically routed to the appropriate channels. Avaya also says its platform now supports biometrics in the form of facial and voice recognition, which can be used to enable strong two-factor authentication.

Meanwhile, Avaya has also upgraded its Equinox Unified Communications platform, which now supports voice-based virtual assistants from Google and Microsoft. The platform is designed to offer a personal, virtual assistant to each assigned employee in an enterprise environment, and to that end leveraging the highly advanced conversational AI systems of these tech giants promises strong performance.

Commenting on the upgraded solutions, Avaya Solutions and Technology VP Chris McGugan gestured to the broader preference for voice-based interaction among consumers. “Voice remains the cornerstone of customer service, and there is a clear opportunity for its extended application to enrich customer journeys.”

The new solutions also reflect the growing importance of AI, a major trend that Avaya locked into about a year ago with its announcement of A.I. Connect, a customer data and behavior analysis system developed in collaboration with Afiniti, Scoredata, and voice biometrics specialist Nuance Communications.

October 11, 2018 – by Alex Perala